In good company

We offer profound, specialised advice within the areas of shipping & trading, sanctions, insurance & reinsurance, and dispute resolution. We are dedicated to serving our clients with comprehensive assistance of the highest quality. We will make you feel in good company.


Our people

We are entirely dependent on the skills, qualifications and values of our colleagues. All employees are assessed rigorously before being hired to ensure that we are able to fulfil our commitment to our clients: to deliver legal assistance of the highest quality.


The New Balance

Our aim is to balance our experience with a new client experience – rooted in our vision of creating a law firm with a very high multinational skill level, but also offering an agile, contemporary team experience, that reflects the future of professional services. This translates into a law firm, that collaborates with international clients in our core industry segments on a long term basis.

Global outlook

Working at Hafnia Law Firm is truly international. We regularly service clients around the world, and our cases usually have an international aspect. Our lawyers have combined experience with legal cases in more than 60 different countries, and international travel is part of the job. This necessitates the ability to navigate in different cultural settings, but it also allows our lawyers to benefit from achieving an international mindset and global outlook.

Global outlook

You would like to be here

It’s difficult to write in a short body copy. But when you enter our office in Nyhavn, we guess you’ll know at once, what we mean. We are professional and informal at the same time – a balance it takes a lot to maintain. Hafnia Law Firm is a specialist law firm with a great atmosphere. Being specialised gives us certain privileges – such as being completely confident in our field. We have always had a saying that we bring on to all employees and in all interviews: “You would like to be here”. Whether it is the professionalism, our offices, our social ambitions or the way we talk to each other, it should reflect this saying. We hope you agree and will join in – and we hope that you’ll feel selected too.

You would like to be here

When you are in, you are in

It’s not an easy task to get a position at Hafnia Law Firm. We offer leading compensation packages to our employees because we only hire the most talented people. But when you have completed our 3-step recruitment process, you are in for a very special job. You can rely on your competent colleagues and you know they are highly skilled. We can also assure you that their personal values and behaviour is excellent. These two things simply have to go hand in hand at Hafnia Law Firm – in order to deliver advice at the highest level.

When you are in, you are in


Our 3 stepRecruitment Process

Excellent legal advice requires excellent persons. At Hafnia Law Firm we only select the best candidates for our positions, and we are always open for applications. We carefully select applicants through our 3-step recruitment process:

01 Application & Resume

GPA among top 10 pct

Proficiency in English

02 The Interview

Overall presentation skills

Simultaneous Capacity

Personal values

03 The Partner Interview

Your ambition

Logical thinking: Problem Solving with 2 small cases

Extracurricular activities